ADAPT video collection

Babybot grasping various objects. The robot starts by looking at an object that is placed on its hand; after a brief exploration (visual and motoric) the object is dropped on the table and the robot starts searching for it. Once the object is fixated again, the robot grasps it. If the action is successful the object is dropped off the table, otherwise the robot tries again.

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Toy airplane: click here

Bottle: click here

Toy car: click here

Plastic duck: click here

Babybot: first detection of affordances. The robot uses binocular disparity to estimate the 3D orientation of an object and adapts the hand position to grasp it appropriately.

Bottle: click here

UNIZH hand: showing the general capabilities of the anthropomorphic hand: video 1, video 2

UNIZH: grasping, adaptive grasping: click here

UNIZH: fine manipulation: click here

Developmental  psychology experiments

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